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I had a creative director once who called website copy "eat your vegetables" work. 

He meant that the work wasn't incredibly sexy, but it had to be done. And, fair, most copywriters have written at least a few pieces of site copy that they weren't incredibly proud of. However, just like I've had some delicious vegetable dishes in my day, I've also worked on the copy for quite a few sites that came out really great. Here are a few of those sites. Please click through the logos for full site copy.

The Amex Mobile app website was created to showcase the latest features of the new app. As a financial institution, they have pretty rigid standards for their copy, but the site still ended up pretty fun.


Mondiamo is a start-up aimed at making the resale diamond market less intimidating. I took on this project as a freelancer. They had a very straightforward, functional site, and wanted me to give it a little more personality. I like to think I did.

The Starbucks Roastery website needed to look and read just as premium as the Starbucks Reserve coffee that they were promoting at the Roastery itself. Well luckily, "premium" is my middle name (it's a family thing, don't ask).

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