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When you hear "annual reports," do you instinctively buckle your seatbelts to prepare for a wild ride?

Yes, Dell Technologies' Diversity & Inclusion Report and Progress Made Real Report could be dry if you're not into that sort of thing. It was our responsibility to make sure our creative turned out anything but.

For our annual Diversity & Inclusion Report, we wanted to move away from statistics and showcase how our inclusion efforts at Dell had changed the lives of team members. We looked at dozens of candidates, had pre-screen interviews with quite a few, and narrowed it down to these four, who really knocked it out of the park over the course of their hour-long interviews. The result gave a lot of people at the company goosebumps.

For our Progress Made Real Plan video, we had to take Dell's ambitious 2030 goals and make them even more inspirational...using stock footage from the previous year's video. How would we add weight to these clips? By getting the man himself, Michael Dell, to narrate the whole thing, lending his "chairman of a Fortune 500 company" gravitas to the whole affair. We were then free to layer in the goals themselves as supers in the video. 

Both videos were incredibly well-received, and raised the bar for delivering reporting data in the future.

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