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When I was at Fusion, we did a lot of work for Univision, our parent company. Univision, it turns out, owns approximately one billion different services geared towards helping Spanish-speaking US residents, like mobile phones and money transfer services.

I mention these particular services because they were the subject of a series of TV spots we created. Before we go any further, I have to confess that I speak at best a passable level of Spanish. These were written in English and translated.

These first two spots highlighted Univision Mobile's unlimited calling to Mexico. In the first, a woman speaks to her family throughout the cooking process to perfect a dish for her food truck. In the second, a VERY excitable man talks to his family and friends back home for the full length of a heated soccer match.

In this next set of spots for Univision Mobile, we focused on how Univision Mobile took the drama out of your life using telenovela scenarios. In the first, a beautiful couple fights over a document. What could it be? Divorce papers? A cease and desist? No! It's a cell phone bill, with outrageous prices on calls to Mexico that have bankrupted them. In the second, a man wants to send pictures of the birth of his child to his friends and family, but the woman screams out "it's not yours!" and in walks a shady fellow claiming it is his. Of course he means the cell phone, which is on a Univision Mobile plan allowing unlimited calls and texts to Mexico.

And finally, we have a TV spot for Univision Remesas, which lets you send money to your family back home. This relatively straightforward, sweet video is about Angela, who loves sending money back home because it allows her to be a part of her sister and niece's lives. In return, she gets a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork made using the paints bought with her money. Aww.

We had different internal clients at Univision for each of these series, but overall each team was very happy with their spots.

Also, please note that some of these videos were, for whatever reason, never color corrected before they went out live. But hey, we're focused on the copy here, right?

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