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I've created a fair amount of social media content for quite a few brands at this point, and here are some personal highlights.

Take, for example, the image of bacon origami on my front page that went up on Oscar Mayer social channels for a brief time before being taken down for showing too much bacon. As if there's such a thing.

But let's start earlier than that. In 2012, I was the social copywriter on both Bing and Bing's travel Twitter feed Fareologist. I was allowed to write pretty much whatever I wanted, so long as it had to do with travel. Sadly, Fareologist was discontinued but using the magic of the internet I managed to grab these tweets.

When I was freelancing for Bing, I would regularly write corresponding copy for Bing search results and turn them into Facebook posts. This one was my all-time favorite.

Meanwhile, on Oscar Mayer, I won a Shorty Award and a Webby Award for writing the corresponding social copy leading up to and following the multi-Cannes-winning Wake Up & Smell the Bacon campaign. I also got to smell-test a lot of different liquids to help create the perfect bacon scent, so a lot of dreams came true. 

I was also the voice of Wheat Thins. It was a responsibility I did not take lightly.

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